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Food of ACL

The Austin City Limits festival this year was filled with hot days, torrential downpours, great bands, lots of crowds, and food. I always get so excited about the food, especially because I find I work up anĀ enormousĀ appetite waiting for bands and walking around Zilker Park. There were so many things I wanted to have, but just never got around to. I wound up eating 3 lunches (1 for each day!) and then having snowcones.

You can’t take cameras with detachable lenses into ACL, so I would up just taking photos with my iphone. Here are some shots of the festival.. and the yummy food.

Yummy Chicken Banh Mi and Truffle Pomme Frites from Second Bar + Kitchen

Apparently rain makes people go crazy and just leave horse heads laying around

Steak Frit Sandwich from Between Your Buns. I left off the mayo.

Chi’Lantro Yumminess

Written by Aimee

October 15th, 2012 at 9:33 am