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Rachael Ray Party at Banger’s

Rachael Ray SXSW party - photo by Aimee Wenske

Rachael Ray SXSW party - photo by Aimee Wenske

Rachael Ray SXSW party - photo by Aimee Wenske

Rachael Ray SXSW party - photo by Aimee Wenske

Rachael Ray SXSW party - photo by Aimee Wenske

Rachael Ray SXSW party - photo by Aimee Wenske

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March 25th, 2013 at 7:56 am



Lunch yesterday. Although I didn’t make these from scratch, I’d love to try sometime. I just have to buy dumpling wrappers.. and a lot of other ingredients.

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March 21st, 2013 at 9:40 am

SXSW Snapshot

This year, I was lucky enough to photograph for SXSW. Which means I spent the entire 9 days walking around downtown and the Convention Center, capturing photos of panels, events, people, etc. And here are the photos I got in-between doing all of my assignments….

I decided to have a little fun with these, so I edited them all using VSCO Film.

Revolution exhibit downtown was really cool.

revolution sxsw

Musicians. With accordions!

Bikes are an essential mode of transportation during SXSW.

bikes sxsw

And then you’re walking along Sixth Street and see this happening….

sxsw weirdness

SXSW isn’t just music, it’s movies (and interactive) too!

sxsw paramount

Downtown Austin is all dressed up with pretty lights.

sxsw downtown

Walking down the street and seeing giant pink tumbleweeds? Not too surprising.

pink tumbleweed

And running into teen rapper Kitty Pryde!

kitty pryde

May have transported back to the 1920s at some point..


Accidentally over-exposed this photo. Oh well.

They were a pretty fantastic band called “In the Valley Below”


Wearing sunglasses on the back of your head was never cool, but people still do it..


Mohawk is one of my favorite music venues

mohawk sxsw

Someone is buying their friends a bunch of shots

shots sxsw

This wall was blank at the beginning of the week.

hgtv sxsw

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March 19th, 2013 at 4:25 pm


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Austin Chef’s Table Book Signing

Hey Austinites, just a reminder that Crystal and I will be at BookPeople tonight at 7pm for a book signing/talk. We’ll also share a little slideshow of photos, including a few behind the scenes shots like the one below. Oh, and I did I mention that Polkadots is providing cupcakes? Even if you don’t care about the book, cupcakes is a reason enough to come!

Austin Chef's Table

Austin Chef’s Table Book

The Austin Chef’s Table book is out today! I’m so excited to have worked with Crystal, the publishing company, and also all the fantastic restaurants, chefs, bartenders, and PR companies. This was such a fun project, and it feels like I’ve been waiting for so long for this book to come out! And here it is. I’ve included a few photos of the book, as well as a few images that appear in the book. Enjoy, and go pick up a copy!