Cook the Cover – Bon Appetit December

Sunday seems to be a good cookie-making day. Maybe it’s because I can make a batch and then send them to work with my boyfriend for him to share. We all know Mondays aren’t the best, so hopefully this makes it a little better for his coworkers.

I was flipping through the December issue of Bon Appetit on Saturday and came upon the holiday cookies section. The cookies that actually sounded the most fun to make were the ones featured on the cover. After realizing I had most of the ingredients, it seemed like those cookies were just asking to be made in my kitchen. So I decided to “Cook the Cover.”

Sunday morning I pulled up the recipe. Because this is one of those cookie recipes you need to prep for in advance. Not only do your butter and egg need to be at room temperature, but once you are finished creating the dough, it needs to sit in the freezer for 3 hours before baking. And the food photographer in me wanted to finish these cookies before it got dark out, so I could get some good photos.

So.. step 1. Start mixing up ingredients.

After all the ingredients are mixed, separate the dough into three sections to roll into logs to stick into the freezer.

Step 34 (or something)… decide to make own colored sugar. I didn’t have sanding sugar, so I pulled out some turbinado sugar to dye.

Roll the logs in the sugar after putting an egg wash on them. Then cut into slices to go into the oven.

Finished product! Yum. (I made some without the sugar exterior as well for those that may prefer a slightly less-sweet cookie, like me).

Make these cookies.

Written by Aimee

December 10th, 2012 at 5:13 am

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