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Published: Fall Issue of Edible Austin

Edible Austin is one of my favorite publications to shoot for. They are really on their game with putting out helpful, insightful articles paired with great photography. I was so happy to be able to shoot for this article written by Austin food writing superstar Jessica Dupuy about a great Austin company – Organics by Gosh. Go pick up a copy at one of these locations!


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September 27th, 2011 at 5:55 am


Weekend in iPhone Photos

My weekend started off excellently. I jumped on my bicycle on Friday evening and headed over to Lustre Pearl for the Black Angels show. It was soo much fun. Free food, drinks, music. And I just love Austin for its outdoor patio areas. It’s one of the things I love about going out in this town. Places like Clive, Lustre Pearl, Shangri-La, Liberty, etc. Love.

And then I spent the rest of the weekend sick. Sick with a cough and sniffles. I spent Saturday and Sunday at home, laying on the sofa or in bed. Taking lots of naps. Attempting to feel better, but failing.






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September 25th, 2011 at 10:05 pm

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Austin City Limits Fest Day 2 – Fire Ants and Christian Bale



As soon as scanning in wristband and stepping into the festival, big drops of rain started falling. It was nice because it cooled off the day, but I didn’t want to be soaked, so I hid out under a tent until it let up and then headed over to see Young the Giant. They put on a great show and sounded awesome, but I was pretty far back in the crowd.. kinda due to not wanting to be next to a bunch of wet bodies.



Iron and Wine was a little too instrumental for me.. for a bit it just seemed like they were jamming for themselves. However, I know a bunch of people love them.. but I was just not into them in that setting. Best part of the show was catching a glimpse of Christian Bale as he was filming something in the aisle.

Left and got a hot dog from Salt and Time which was super yummy. Heard the Moondoggies play a song I knew.


After eating, heard a bit of Fitz and the Tantrums before abandoning the show to get a good spot for Cut Copy. Hung out on a blanket to get a spot pretty far up in the crowd and it was SO WORTH IT. This was my favorite performance of the day. The band was so into the show and so energetic, and the crowd basically just turned it into a giant dance party. There were people crowdsurfing, and this group of guys next to me started throwing tortillas into the crowd.





The day winding down.. headed over to the Google + stage to see TV on the Radio. Such a great band. The last song they played is one of my favs, and so of course I just danced along with the guys next to me. One of them afterwards gave me a fist bump and said “Hey. You’re a good dancer.” So that was nice. Who doesn’t like compliments?


Was going to stick around to hear a bit of Stevie Wonder.. but he wasn’t starting and so I just left. Later found out his sound was messed up, so I’m kinda glad I just headed out.


Favorite Performance:  Cut Copy
Favorite Stage Decor:  All the plants on stage during Cut Copy
Least Favorite Moment of the Day:  Getting bitten by fire ants while locking up my bike
Favorite Celeb Spotting:  Christian Bale

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September 18th, 2011 at 10:30 am

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Austin City Limits Festival – Day 1

This year is the 10th anniversary of the ACL Festival in Austin. So of course, I had to get tickets and go, even thought it fell in the middle of a hot, hot September of the hottest summer Austin has ever experienced.

Day 1 started off shaky. I left my house on my bike and rode maybe 10 feet before realizing my tires were flat, so had to go back home and pump them up. But then.. the ride to the festival was glorious! Mostly downhill (yay!), and I rode my bike in the street. For the first time on a major road. If you count Barton Springs a major road. But I did it! And used a bike lane!


Then.. after arriving at the festival, my wristband wouldn’t scan. Which was very weird since these wristbands came directly in the mail from the ACL people. So I had to convince them that yes, my wristband should be valid.. they pulled up the order..  and finally gave me a new one.


After that delay, festival time! The day started out overcast, which was perfect, and then while watching Theophilus London, big raindrops from the sky! It rained for a bit, so much that my hair was dripping. Normally, that may have been a downer, but with this summer Austin has been having, everyone cheered once it started raining and people started dancing.

The rest of the day was spent grabbing yummy food at the Austin Eats food court, listening to bands, filling up water bottles, laying on blankets, running into friends, and reapplying sunscreen.












Favorite band of the day:  Fool’s Gold
Favorite performance of the day:  Santigold (it was a golden sort of day)
Favorite Food of the day:  Fries from PTerrys.. exactly what I needed at that moment..
Kayne or Coldplay:  Neither. I listened to one Kayne song before hopping on my bike and riding home

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September 17th, 2011 at 10:28 am

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