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West Elm Pop Up Shop & New Blogs

You may have noticed my posting here has tapered off. Well there is a good reason for that and no, it’s not just because I’m lazy. I’ve been working on two new blogs. Yes, two!

But what about this one? What’s going to happen here? Well.. this blog will remain dedicated to any photography news. If I’ve been published in something, or have taken new photos for a restaurant, this will be the place I will announce it.

Then what are those other two blogs for? The first, I’ve been working on, and launched last week. It’s called I See Nom Noms and is completely dedicated to food photography. I had been going back and forth on the idea of whether I should start a food-related blog for about a year now, and I finally decided to just go for it. I’ve been really excited about it so far. And this way.. if you only care about my food-related posts.. that is the blog for you to bookmark.

I’m starting a second blog that will be focused more on photos I’ve taken around Austin. I love this city, and I love just going around and capturing bits and pieces of it and want a place to share those with you. I don’t have that one all set up yet though, so you’ll have to wait just a bit longer before checking that out.

Like I mentioned, this blog will be for stuff I’ve done professionally.. like these photos I shot for West Elm. These were taken back in February at the pop-up shop curated by the lovely Abby. So many great people involved, I felt so lucky to get to be there the whole day and capture it all! Here is a selection of some of my favorite images from the day. And want to know who was there? Check out Abby’s blog posts for a list of the amazing, creative sellers.











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April 8th, 2011 at 6:48 am