New Blog!

It’s time! Finally! I finished putting together a new blog and launched it. Check it out for the latest on my travels & food adventures. I just started putting up posts from our Boston trip this month, so head on over! Disney World and many many food experiments to come.


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Disney World!

I bought a new domain name for a blog. So eventually… when I have time, I’ll be setting up a new place on the web to talk about my adventures. But for now… I’ll keep on sharing here!

Josh and I went to Disney World last week with our friends Chris and Kathy! We had such a blast, and I’ll be sharing a lot more about the trip, but here are a few photos of us.

disneymashup group photo my love spaceship earth

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I decided I wanted to make my own glazes for donuts with a lot of different flavors. Overall, I’d say it was pretty successful. I made a berry glaze, a maple glaze with bacon pieces, cinnamon and sugar, and then good ol’ powdered sugar. Yum.


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I haven’t posted on here recently. I’ve meant to.. and I have a lot of things I want to post. Food I’ve made, walks I’ve taken, random thoughts.

But I’ve reached a dilemma. I got married this past year, and I’m no longer Aimee Wenske. (Also.. changing your name is quite the adventure!) While I will keep this URL live, and a lot of my photo stuff may remain under Aimee Wenske, I want a new name for my blog. So I’ve been trying to come up with a new name for it and a new URL.

Have I decided on anything yet? No. But until I do, I’ll keep posting here, and also will continue to post a lot on my instagram, as I always do. I have a lot of big plans for 2015, including trying more recipes, launching a print shop, and tackling things I’ve been wanting to do for awhile like learning how to sew! Josh also got me Rosetta Stone – German for Christmas, so I will be attempting to learn as much as possible over this next year! I fully believe in learning and growing each year, and am excited for all that 2015 has to bring! I’m also excited NOT to spend my first part of a year planning an overseas wedding and just being able to enjoy life with my new husband, family and friends.

To sum it up, 2015 has a lot of promise, and a lot of new exploration to do!

Sidenote: I think the comments section may be slightly broken and not displaying comments. Sorry about that! I will fix that with the new blog.. once it launches.  :)

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Passenger Seat

View from the passenger seat. Driving on East 6th.

Sometimes it’s nice to put the control in someone else’s hands and just ride along. When you do that you can look around more and absorb more than if you are in the driver’s seat. When in the driver’s seat, you have to be focused. You have a goal in mind. You are in control, and have to be on alert. Sometimes it feels good just to relax and take a break and take in the world around you.


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Counter Cafe

We headed over to the new Counter Cafe on the Eastside this Sunday for brunch. Although we had to wait awhile, it is fine when really the purpose of getting together is to spend time with friends. So we got to hang out with Crystal and Justin for awhile outside, drinking mimosas and chatting. And then once we got seated, we had delicious food and fantastic service. Excellent brunch.

Mimosas Counter Cafe Exteriors Counter Cafe - Quail and Eggs Counter Cafe Benedict Counter Cafe Brunch Counter Cafe Ceiling
*all photos taken with iphone 5


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